Five More Years

Eight Great Steps to Keeping Your Furry Friends Around for Five More Years
Your furry friends are part of the Family.

They give nothing but love they make you smile they sleep next to you!
Fortunately, through modern medicine we can extend… the life of your friends.

How can we give the gift of up to Five More Years?

  1. Spaying, Neutering, and placing a Microchip at an appropriate age.
  2. Regular exams and vaccines. The AVMA recommends yearly exams until 7 years old. And 6 month exams for pets 7 and older.
  3. Superior Nutrition for life. We proudly recommend Purina Veterinary Diets.
  4. Monthly parasite control and regular fecals as the AVMA recommends.
  5. Regular dental cleanings. Most dogs and cats need yearly dentals after 5 years old. Small dogs need a first dental by 3 years old.
  6. Appropriate anesthetic precautions including Pre- Anesthetic Blood Work to protect your friend during procedures.
  7. At an optimal weight pets live longer, happier, healthier lives.
  8. Regular wellness blood work. Early detection of disease allows for proper and timely medical intervention.


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