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My aging German Shepherd dog had a rear stifle (knee) injury causing significant lameness (limping). I believe many Veterinarians would have suggested surgery however Dr. Jennifer Eden suggested conservative treatment. Following her directions and providing at home physical therapy (I am a PT) we were able to return our 8 year old German Shepherd​ to running and playing again without surgery. I do believe there is a higher cost here than some other vets however I can’t complain when the alternative is a $10k surgery! Also the clinic was very convenient to schedule which allowed me to stop in without missing much work for visits.Brandon Whittington
Vicki did an amazing job grooming our Goldendoodle who has more poodle hair than most and mats easily. Then I discovered they make farm calls and my Nubian Goats recieved love and vaccinations. These folks are wonderful.Brette Ciavarella
GREAT EXPERIENCE….I LOVE THIS PLACE as did Jaxx! It’s very neat & clean here and the fact that it smells fresh is a PLUS & lets you know they’re on top of sanitation. You don’t mind sitting while waiting to be seen annnnnd it smells fresh. If you didn’t actually see the animals, you wouldn’t even know you were at an animal clinic. And the demeanour of the ENTIRE staff was AWESOME!!!! Jaxx loved it here. While I’m vacationing, Jaxx will be boarding here. Thanks Lando & AP for the recommendation. I’d recommend this place to everyone with animals!!! I’m giving them 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ & a?!Wendy Watson
Outstanding veterinary hospital. Staff is professional and caring. We were on vacation and 500 miles from home when my Sheltie Penny injured her foot. I called at 6:30am and Dr. Edens returned my call and saw Penny that morning at 8:30am. Dr. Edens setup a plan and we were on our way by 10:00am to continue our vacation. Penny is doing well and we are continuing on the plan that Dr. Edens laid out.Judy Kemler
All; the staff are excellant. They Care, Talk to you, and do the job well. Jennifer is the main Vet and she is way beyond what a Vet normally is and does. She will do what is needed in any situation. We have visited some vets that seem to down certain Pets But Not here. They treat them all with kindness, courtesy and full vet services No Matter the Pet.

I Highly Recommend them to all. My Wife and all our animals are Very Satisfied with the Group.
Sammy and Donna Simmons.Samuel simmons sr
Last year I switched from my previous veterinarian to La Crosse Animal Hospital. The experience has been wonderful. Dr. Jennifer Eden and staff are so warm and friendly and they always give my pet excellent care. When my dog bacame ill/in pain, Dr. Eden did a very comprehensive evaluation and brought him back to good health. I go back to the hospital for follow up treatments and find that they are always so nice and compassionate (especially Lois who administers the treatment, she is so calm and great with animals). I highly recommend La Crosse Animal Hospital.

Here it is 2 years later and my pet Bingo is still receiving excellent care. He still receives laser therapy for his back problem and it has helped him immensely. Recently he jumped out of my arms and injured his leg. Thanks to Dr. Eden’s care, medication and the laser therapy that Lois gives him he is healing very nicely. I wouldn’t trust my pet’s healthcare to anyone else. Also, the staff are so nice and friendly that my trips to their office is like a social visit.cmomsied
La Crosse Animal Hospital is one of the most caring and nicely staffed animal hospital I have ever been too. Most places i would go i wouldn’t even see the Vet, but when I bring my dogs in- I see Jennifer Eden just about every time. The staff is very friendly and kind. The service they provide is great and they even do once a month events which are very fun to attend. They put a lot in to what they do and are very active with the community. I don’t think I would take my pets anywhere but here for now on.dachshund loverz

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The staff is excellent. They answered all my questions and were great with my dog. Dr. Eden did a great job of explaining what she wanted to do and why, and left the decisions to me. She was extremely helpful and caring. I will definitely be a repeat customer!Laura R.
So grateful for these folks! My Coty damaged his eye and our regular vet was out. We have been to Dr. Jennifer Edens before so I called and they told me to bring him right over. It was 4pm on Friday. They took him right in and did surgery on his eye. He’s doing great and we are so thankful for them. They even did a full dental exam and brushed his teeth while he was knocked out! As Coty was waking up from surgery one of the young men held him so he wouldn’t be scared. It was so sweet. Very caring group. Highly recommended!!!Wanda L.

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I’d like to thank the staff of LaCrosse Animal Hospital for coming to my home and helping Dutchess leave this earth at home in the most peaceful way possible..with the people she loved and that loved her. It was very important to me that she be at home when she passed and they made that happen. Thanks so much.Melissa Austin
Would recommend this vet clinic. Vet and staff are pleasant and seemed to take a lot of pride in their work and went above and beyond to take care of my family. If you have a problem with your pet in Emporia it will be worth the drive to go to this clinic first for your pet. Thank you to the vet and staff. Excellent service.Juliett Fortner
Jennifer and everybody is the best. They are really great to all my dogs and always takes very good of all my dogs specially my Buddy 🙂George Kelly Jr
We didn’t have a vet nearby and called Dr. Edens. We found her name in the Yellow Pages. She met us on a Sunday afternoon to treat our baby! Thank you so much!Rose Fowler Griffin
We can’t Thank the wonderful staff and Dr. Hutcheson enough for being there for our eldest baby! You all were so kind to us in a very scary moment! You saved our girl’s life and we are so grateful to you all?❤️!Carol Bright
I have been taking my pet family to Dr. Edens for several years. The care she and Dr. Hutcheson and all the staff give is great. They always make time to explain things where my pets health is concerned. I recommend them to anyone needing a qualified and caring veterinary practice for their pets. Thank you all at Lacrosse Animal Hospital!Myra Murray
Jennifer and staff were amazing. It’s never easy when you find you have to let your beloved animal go. But these people came to my house and eased my sweet girl from pain in the comfort of her home. They were professional, understanding and caring not only to my fur baby but to me at such a difficult time. Thank you!Gayle Wilmouth
I’ve never had any issues with Dr. Jennifer Edens. She cares and does everything she can for your fur babies. I have found no vets office in the past that can compare to Dr. Jennifer Edens and her sweet staff.Dayna Marie Lewis
Dr. Jennifer and her staff were amazing today for my sweet five year old dog. They made sure they covered the basics and figured out why my baby wasn’t feeling herself! I honestly would recommend this place to anyone who has a pet they are willing to do anything for! Everyone there was so sweet and very understanding! We will definately be going back!Allison Lane Powell
I appreciate LaCrosse Animal Hospital..and all it’s staff! They have a true love and dedication for the animals. They give my “babies” treats….stuffed toys and plenty of attention when we go there. I’m always impressed with the “follow up” phone calls. Reasonably priced and they even offer coupons. Two thumbs up!Kathy Napier

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Grady Waters of La Crosse, VA
LaCrosse_VA_Veterinarian ReviewWe first met Dr. Edens with our dog Charlie, who was going to a previous veterinarian. Dr. Edens took her time and found underlining conditions that our previous veterinarian wasn’t aware of. With the help from Dr. Edens we were able to enjoy Charlie for another 3 years!! With our new dog Joe, we decided that there wouldn’t be anywhere else we would go, and when we go on trips that Joe can’t go on, we trust no one but the staff of Lacrosse Animal Hospital to look after him.
Grady Waters
Ellen Campbell
We have a Basset Hound that is old due to preventative blood work. She was found to be in early kidney failure. Finding out early made all the difference, She is on a special diet and is checked regularly giving us our maximum time with her. I recommend preventative blood work because it can catch so many problems that can be fixed!
Ellen Campbell
Frankie & Connie Taylor of La Crosse, VA
Just a note to say thanks for all that you have done for Frankie and I and our pets. Our pets are family in every since of the word. They bring us comfort and joy every single day. We simply cannot say enough about the level of care Jennifer and her associates have provided to us and our pets. We have four dogs, Zoie, Harley, JoJo and Buddy. Jennifer has been caring for our pets for more than 10 years. The level of care our pets have received goes far beyond exceptional and right on with diagnosis of our pets condition. Jennifer and her associates focus on the animal’s needs but they also recognize the owner’s concern of their pets condition. Their bed side manner in caring for our pets and us is exactly what we are looking for and expect. After all, our pets are family. They always place a follow up call after a visit checking in on our pets ensuring all is well. We simply cannot say enough about the care and service we receive from La Crosse Animal Hospital. We recommend them to anyone who is looking for outstanding and compassionate care for their pets.
Frankie & Connie Taylor
Bob & Becky Semple of La Crosse, VA
434-757-4442, the phone number for Dr. Jennifer P. Edens La Crosse Animal Hospital, is programmed in our house phone and all our cell phones. With 16 dogs and 20- plus cats, we use that number often.

Dr. Edens and the entire staff at La Crosse Animal Hospital are concerned and compassionate. They genuinely care about animals under their charge and about the animals’ owners. Dr. Edens and staff are up-to date on veterinary procedures, friendly and efficient. We trust them with our pets.

We have used services provided by La Crosse Animal Hospital for our animals from the youngest kittens and puppies to end-of-life care for our beloved elder animal friends. Some of the services we have needed include wellness exams, spaying and neutering, laser surgeries. laser treatments, bathing, ear and nail care, dental cleaning, x-ray, prescription medications and foods, grooming, emergency care, flea and tick medications, heartworm medications, bloodwork and good advice.

Dr. Edens takes time to answer questions and explains necessary treatments. She trained us to infuse fluids with IV kits at home for our dog Nutmeg who had serious kidney problems. As a result, we had three wonderful extra years with Nutmeg who reached the advanced age of 14.

It is reassuring to receive a follow-up phone call the day after one of our pets is treated at La Crosse Animal Hospital. This gives us the opportunity to report and problems and ask any questions. It is comforting to receive sympathy cards after the death of a beloved pet. To us our pets are family.

The dollar-off coupons and Wednesday Senior Citizen Day discounts help, too. We have enjoyed the “Dog Days in the Park” sponsered by Dr. Edens and staff to benefit local organizations that are devoted to saving abandoned, unwanted animals.

In La Crosse Animal Hospital we have found a second family. If you are in need of an excellent veterinary partnership, come to La Crosse Animal Hospital and meet Dr. Edens and her staff.

We will go no where else for our pet care!
Bob & Becky Semple
Emily Smith of South Hill, VA
While on my way out of town for work, my dog was admitted to the animal hospital as he became suddenly ill. Jennifer, along with her amazing staff, not only assured me that Belle was in the best of hands, but showed me their love for everyone’s pets as if they were their own. Having to leave town & not knowing if my four legged best friend would make it through the night, I left Belle in the care of La Crosse Animal Hospital- and would again in a heartbeat. I received a relieving phone call from one of the staff members who came in early (on a Saturday!), saying Belle had made an epic comeback. I love having the reassurance not only of the expertise of the staff but they actually care about the animal that walk through the door. Now, my dog loves visiting the vet, I think she knows as much as I do- without them, she wouldn’t be here today. Thank you, La Crosse Animal Hospital for without you, I wouldn’t have this precious face to greet me when I come home each day!
Emily Smith
Clyde Spraggins of South Hill, VA
La Crosse Animal Hospital provides excellent care to each patient. The staff is very knowledgable, friendly, and caring. I am very pleased with the services that I have received and recommend La Crosse Animal Hospital.
Clyde Spraggins
Marlianne Midyette of Macon, NC
Probably the most important part of what Dr. Edens and her staff offer to me (my family pets) & to my rescues, is to deal w/ any emergencies that arise, during her busy days…..even after hours, when she is available…I am a long way from any city that might provide these extended services.

The staff ALL love the animals…the animals know this!

Dr. Edens amazes me in that she will do whatever is needed , often, she could ask another staff person to do something, but she will help bring the dogs inside…get products, or information…she will do many procedures on my rescues, that the Raleigh vets tell me to go to a specialist.

Dr. Edens tackled a big dog’s health issues that 2 Veterinarians in Raleigh would not even ‘deal’ with…because the dog was still full of milk, dripping brownish discharge..very lethargic…both said to WAIT until her milk dried up for spay…if we had waited ‘weeks’, this dog would have died from massive internal infection…her uterus was rotten. Dr. Edens opened her up, to discover this, and got her well !!

I have worked w/ her for almost six years/she has worked with me !!
Marlianne Midyette
Patricia Parrish of South Hill, VA
Dr. Jennifer Edens and her staff are the best! They are so professional and treat their “patient” with loving care and respect. They all seem to love their job and give the best care to our furry friends. They have been treating all my kitties for many years and I have great confidence in them and the medical care they provide. I sincerely recommend La Crosse Animal Hospital for the care of your pets.
Patricia Parrish
Rocky and Brenda Sims of South Hill, VA
We would like to thank the staff at La Crosse Animal Hospital for their continued, excellent service.

We currently have 5 fur babies, subject to change at any moment as we house and foster neglected, abused, or abandoned dogs in need of a loving home. Dr. Edens and Dr. Hutcheson along with their staff have always been patient, compassionate, and helpful with our furry family. Many of children have lived long and happy lives due to the care received at La Crosse Animal Hospital.
Rocky and Brenda Sims
Gay Currie of South Hill, VA
This is a note of thanks and gratitude for the professional and caring service La Crosse Animal Hospital has given to and gives to my dogs and cat over the years. The first remembrance was back in the days before Dr. Edens opened LAH and she was in Kenbridge, Va. working with another veterinarian. At that time we had a male Rottie and he was very ill. Dr. Edens, I believe had just started her veterinarian career, and we were impressed with her sincere caring attitude and knowledge. Since that time she has been our veterinarian of choice. I find Dr. Edens, knowledgeable and up to date on medical practices and enjoy the information and caring treatment of my dogs. She also has a very caring staff. I find Lois, a member of the LAH staff, to be very caring and shows her concern for all animals and has been very helpful as a sincere animal lover.

She is understanding with pet owners, as we work through the everyday issues of our pets health.

Thanks, for the service you provide.
Gay Currie
Carol Dayberry of La Crosse, VA
Several years ago my little Toy Fox Terrier was in terrible pain, my regular veterinarian was unavailable so I called Dr. Jennifer Edens. She had me come to the hospital immediately and did diagnostic tests and examination to find out what his problem was. He was unable to lie down without pain. With the medications she prescribed and follow up laser treatments he is as playful as he was years ago. She also did emergency Saturday care when a larger dog attacked him. She stitched him up so beautifully that you can’t even see a scar. Needless to say that I switched veterinarians to her right away.

I love going to La Crosse Animal Hospital for follow up care, it’s like a social outing for me because the staff are so friendly and caring. My Bingo especially loves Lois. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the care of my beloved pet.
Carol Dayberry
Bob & Becky Semple of La Crosse, VA
When our oldest dog, LD, had a second stroke in July 2017 he had difficulty regaining his walking skills. With good care provided by the La Crosse Animal Hospital doctors and staff, LD began to improve. But when Dr. Edens suggested that we try the Assisi Loop to help relieve inflammation in LD’s joints, LD’s progress noticeably improved.

The Assisi Loop is easy to use at home in 15-minute sessions. It generates an electromagnetic field, provided by a self-contained battery, that reduces inflammation. After 15 minutes the device turns itself off.

We applied the Assisi Loop to LD’s hips once a day while he was lying down to eat. He seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting and usually ignored the loop while he ate.

LD celebrated his 15th birthday in September with a cornbread cake and a walk around the yard with his best dog buddy, Leonidas.

Since our first Assisi Loop’s battery has exhausted its usefully life and considering LD’s age and arthritis, we plan to get a second Assisi Loop for him.
Bob & Becky Semple
Alice Hoff, of Bracey, VA
Thank you for the opportunity to say how glad I am to be able to bring my 4-legged family members to you for care. We must be doing something right, with preventative blood screening and wellness checks because my babies (16-yr old Boomer & 13-yr old Honey Bear) are happy and healthy. Boomer is a Golden Retriever, and Honey Bear is a Golden mix, and they are living well beyond what I was told to expect from large dogs. Dr. Edens is our “go-to” vet, and I hope to continue the relationship for many more years.
Alice Hoff
Patricia & Joe Moore of Kenbridge, VA
I own 2 Shitzus and I love them so very much. I always want to give them the best vet care that I possibly can. I firmly believe in allowing bloodwork to be done because I know that by doing this, any issues can be caught early, therefore treated early before any damage is done. This has already happened with my 3 yr old and his food change corrected the problem. This was a simple problem but there are many more serious issues to deal with. I plan to continue to allow bloodwork and to treat my babies and Lacrosse Animal is where I choose to do that. Dont make a decision you will regret later when it comes to our furbabies.
Patricia & Joe Moore
Virginia Parrish
I have been blessed throughout my life with the unconditional love and devotion received from all of my “furry pet family members”. The obligation to nourish and protect my pets is a honor and privilege. Just as I maintain my health with routine blood tests and medical visits, I do so with my pets. They give me their best, so naturally, I protect them to my best ability. I encourage all pet owners to be diligent in maintaining the health of your pet through blood tests and regular visits to your veterinarian. Were it not for a blood test, my dog, Mattie, may not be with me now.

Blood tests reveal abnormalities (heart worms, thyroid, cancer, etc.) early, thus allowing options for treatment. The benefit to this is that the love and devotion your pet brings to you and your family could last for many years.
Virginia Parrish
Carrol and Gloria Roberts of Dolphin, VA
Dr. Jenifer Edens has given us the best care possible for our pets since we started with her. She never makes a diagnosis without first running a routine blood test.

When our Jack Russell began having kidney problems it was through the bloodwork that Dr. Edens was able to diagnose and treat Rudy’s problems. We give her full credit for making his life as pain free as possible all the years she treated him.

We are grateful for the excellent care our pets have received from all the staff at Lacrosse Animal Hospital. We highly recommend them to anyone who has a pet. They are the best.
Carrol and Gloria Roberts

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